hello, good-bye

by ck on July 9, 2014

Dear Friends and Readers,

I’ve been putting this off for over a year because 1) I’m indecisive, 2) I avoid change whenever possible, and 3) it makes me sad. Really sad. This blog, and all of you, have been a huge part of my heart for a long, long time. But over the last year or so everything on my end of the world changed. Not bad changes, just the inevitable changes that come when your kids grow up and your stories no longer belong solely to you.

So I did what any Type-A with separation anxiety would do when faced with change. I talked about it. A lot. (So sorry to everyone who got stuck listening…) I made lists of what I’d write about if I didn’t stop blogging. And then I just put it all off and tried not to think about it. And then months passed. And more months. And little by little I realized there was nothing left to do but sign off. Bad Mommy Moments was truly over. Not the actual embarrassing messes (I wish!), just the freedom with which I once shared them.

But before I go, I want to thank everyone out there who joined me during these crazy years. Thank you for your presence, your comments, your friendship, and your encouragement. You were my sanity, and you helped me find ways to focus on the funny side of motherhood when all I really wanted to do was drown in pity and chocolate. I’m not sure what kind of shape I’d be in if you hadn’t come along, so with all of my  heart thank you.

If you ever find yourself needing a hit of parental humor, c’mon back and hit the “Random Button” on the sidebar. All my past moments of embarrassment and hope remain at your disposal. And if you want something a little longer, you can always download a copy of my book Bad Mommy Moments: Celebrating the Days of New Motherhood that SUCK on Amazon, Barnes & Noble, or Smashwords (code: pz26w). Or if you’re looking for a photographer, check out my photo projects online at cindykane.me, and on my tumblr page CKPhoto. I would love to photograph you and your kids!

Take care, Moms and Dads. Be patient, accepting, forgiving, kind, and gentle to yourselves. It’s much easier to be all those things toward your kids. Even when they suck. So be intentional about you. And if you’re having one of those days where you just can’t take it, know that you’re not the only one hiding in a bathroom from your kids. (You’re never, ever the only one. Promise.)

Love to you all,



 photo by my favorite photographer Christine Zona


red sunset

June 4, 2014

I’m sure that there are healthy ways to grieve. But I like my ways better – eating and spending money. The good thing about eating and spending money is that 1) you have to spend money to eat, 2) you can spend money on things in addition to food and 3) since it has to […]

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other duties as assigned: imagination moderator

June 3, 2014

ONE and I talk. A lot. Sometimes all day long. Half of the time I can’t remember what I’ve said because I’m only half-listening. Not because I don’t care about the things that she says, but because she usually tells me something like, “Mommy, I want to make a necklace for my teacher,” and after […]

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how gaston got my preschooler to spill it

May 30, 2014

Soooooooooo… It’s no secret that I looked forward to Wednesdays. That I *hearted* them. A week after starting my schedule the power of Wednesdays began to weaken. ONE and I got along much better and I enjoyed our time together and started looking forward to our Saturday-Tuesday stretch. I think I finally started growing up. […]

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happy cliché #1: it’s a phase

May 29, 2014

It’s a phase, it will pass. In other words, my three year old will one day sleep through the night. My three year old will one day listen to my response of “yes” before throwing a fit as if I said “no.” My three year old will one day eat her dinner in less than […]

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an ode to tattle-tales

May 16, 2014

If tattling had a canvas You’d paint verbal Monets The temple of your angry tales Would bring most reverent praise The speed at which you tattle Breaks the barrier of sound Your tattles are so blue in blood They’d take the royal crown If tattling had a finish line You’d always tie for first The […]

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