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by ck on November 5, 2012

As a Jersey girl who grew up less than a mile from the beach, this week has been somewhat on the surreal side. Getting daily updates on my family’s wait for water and electricity. Hearing that the route to my grandmother’s house washed away. Places once spent in teenage debauchery are now buried in sand.

Chunks of my childhood are just gone.

The strangest part is that I’m not there, so I can’t truly fathom what’s happened. Sure I’ve seen the photos and read the reports. I’ve experienced it through the eyes of my friends on Instagram, and shared in their Facebook updates. But when I close my eyes I still see it the way it was when I was a kid.

Zona Foto: Zona Foto - Save The Jersey Shore &emdash;

Zona Foto: Zona Foto - Save The Jersey Shore &emdash;

Zona Foto: Zona Foto - Save The Jersey Shore &emdash;

The feelings get overwhelming after a while. Waiting. Losses. More waiting. Greater losses. Only experiencing the disaster from a distance because  going up there would provide more stress than help with two kids in tow. Luckily there are lots of ways so help, even from afar, and I’m really excited to share the creative way a fellow Jersey girl is helping from San Francisco.

If you’ve been around my site long you’ve probably already met Christine Zona. She’s a friend of mine, and a super talented photographer. She specializes in toy cameras and she’s selling prints of a polaroid series she did of the Jersey shore. 100% of the profits will go toward Waves for Water and the ASPCA-NJ.

Here’s a note from Christine about her project:

A couple of years ago I started a photography project about the Jersey Shore. I did it to restore the innocence of it to the masses.  I wanted people to view it as I did as a kid. I thought this project would go on for years.  So much so that I bought an entire case of expired polaroid film to dedicate to this project.  Little did I know that the shore would be taken from me. My memories and my youth washed away by Sandy. The photos that I took have now become my most prized possession.

It is important to me that I help the people and the places that have shaped me into who I am today.  That’s why I am putting prints of my polaroid series up for sale.  100% of the profits will go towards two charities to help the victims of Hurricane Sandy.  Every print sale generates $3-4 profit and every frame sale generates an additional $4-5 profit. 

The money will be split between Waves for Water and the ASPCA-NJ.  Waves for Water has a lot of experience with disaster relief on every level and though they normally focus on clean water, this time they will be assisting with many needs - first response survival supplies, rubble removal, and rebuilding, etc.  They’ll be targeting surf-based coastal communities in Jersey and NY.  ASPCA is helping families reunite with lost pets and is caring for any abandoned pets in need.  Don’t forget, pets are family too.

I am asking two things from you today.  The first is to purchase a print.  Let’s preserve of  the memories of a shore that once was while helping build a new one for future generations to enjoy.  Second, please help me spread the word; forward this email, post to Facebook, send some tweets! The more prints we sell, the more we have to donate to those in need.  With your help I know I can reach my 5K goal.

Zona Foto: Zona Foto - Save The Jersey Shore &emdash;

Zona Foto: Zona Foto - Save The Jersey Shore &emdash;

Zona Foto: Zona Foto - Save The Jersey Shore &emdash;

Zona Foto: Zona Foto - Save The Jersey Shore &emdash; Please join me in helping to spread the word about Christine’s project. Help us keep the memories of the Jersey Shore–the way it truly was, and will be again–alive.



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