mom-to-mom (softball-style)

May 5, 2014

Bottom of the last inning; the score is tied. The other team is up with bases loaded, two outs, and two strikes. All we need is to get that last out–keep that winning run from crossing the plate–and the score stays tied. Our 9YOs keep their perfect record. The other team’s coach pitches, their batter […]

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book suggestions for young readers who don’t love reading

May 2, 2014

I’ve always been a big reader. Huge reader. As a kid I’d sit on my couch and plow through several books a day, absorbing words any way I could. In the summer my mom would often lock me out of the house for an hour  (and set an egg timer in the window) just to make […]

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the happy bagel (or: the day my 2YO brought me to my knees)

May 1, 2014

One of the very first things I ever blogged about (six years ago!) was a debilitating temper tantrum ONE threw at a bagel store when I was still pregnant with TWO. This tantrum was especially crippling because there were no warning signs. No push and pull. Within seconds it went from a sweet child and […]

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did I scare you? (I’m sorry)

April 30, 2014

Dear Sweet Mom at Starbucks, I should’ve just said, “It’s been great! You’ll love it!” because it has been pretty great (sort of). And I do love it (for the most part). Or I could’ve even said something generic like, “It’s so quiet…and errands are almost relaxing,” especially since we only know each other casually and […]

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a really (really) awkward park encounter

April 29, 2014

EXTERIOR – PARK (DAY) The day is winding down. Pockets of deep blue sky squeeze through the canopy of tall, budding trees. A cool breeze carries remnants of laughter around the playground. A PRETTY, YOUNG MOM (early 30′s) sits on the edge of the sandbox, contemplating whether or not to dip her 8-MONTH-OLD daughter’s toes […]

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I wanted a puppy*; I got another baby**

April 25, 2014

*I’m an idiot, obviously **who enjoys the occasional golden shower (not me, thankyouverymuch. The puppy. The asterisks go with the title–hello!) My husband warned me. He really did. He said, “You understand that this is gonna to suck for awhile, right?” “Yes,” I said. Duh. “No, it’s really gonna suck. It won’t be like last […]

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