just in case: love

March 6, 2014

ONE: It’s not fair! Why won’t you kiss me the same way you kiss Daddy? ME: Because the way you kiss someone you’re in love with is different than the way you kiss someone you gave birth to. (And even if that wasn’t an issue, I’ve SEEN some of the things you’ve put in your […]

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notes to self

March 4, 2014

• This is only the beginning. • Your kids only LOOK happy to see you. They’re like cats who’ve been left behind while you went on a vacation. They have no sense of time and are secretly plotting how to make you pay for leaving them last weekend. • She is too big for this […]

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age-appropriate love*

February 26, 2014

3YO LOVE: “I love you the whole day. I love you when you have braids and when you have a pony. I love you when you happy. I love you when you make ‘pasketti and I don’t have to eat it.” 6YO LOVE: “Robert and Byron said that if they shot an arrow through my […]

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the snot fairy

February 21, 2014

It’s not that I don’t appreciate the effort. I do. She’s made great strides since the whole wall fiasco. And I recognize that toilet paper is, in fact, made of the same soft, somewhat absorbent material as, say, a tissue. So she has progressed. And I applaud her. I do. Maybe it’s my fault. Perhaps […]

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being the grown-up

February 19, 2014

I lie on the couch, staring at the beautiful fire my husband built for me before going out with friends. The girls are finally in bed. The dogs are motionless, at long last done for the night. It’s just me. I’ve waited all day for this moment, when time is mine. As someone who recharges in […]

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February 11, 2014

You’re pregnant? A new mom? Congratulations! Have people advised you to join “Mom Groups?” Have you ignored them? Me too! Who needs MOMFRIENDS®, right? You’ve got yourself, your kid, your family. And besides, who has time to make new friends? Aren’t you juggling the emotional needs of enough people right now? Don’t you love enough? Turns […]

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